There are many families who are struggling to make ends meet. Families of children at Action Early Learning Center in Danbury will appreciate any help you can provide. Due to capacity restrictions with Covid-19, many children are home at this time.
To donate:
Please check above and pick any item you would like to donate. Let us know what you are donating at You may drop the item off at, or mail to 75 Balmforth Ave, Danbury. Please call (203) 743-3785 to check on their hours. Let us know at if you need help.
About Action Early Learning Center in Danbury:
The Center provides high quality education to children of neediest families in the area so they are well prepared to enter kindergarten. The center provides social, emotional, physical and creative activities for children while improving life skills of parents through workshops, community fairs and other educational opportunities.


Covid 19 and Learning:
In response to the pandemic, teaching styles have evolved and teachers continue to keep children engaged and active. Teachers and aides have been conducting classes outside of childrens’ houses or within nearby locations. The changes are reflected in budget proposals for 2020. Click the following links for 2020-21 Project proposals: Ashray Akruti, Anandalaya, Chehak Trust, Seva Mandir, REWARD Trust
Click here to Donate to support learning in the pandemic.