What will you need to do to participate?

1. We will be using the Stridekick app for this challenge.
2. Download the ‘Stridekick Activity Challenges’ app on your iphone at
https://apps.apple.com/us/app/stridekick-activity-challenges/id1484402218 or android at Check out “Stridekick Activity Challenges
3. Using the sync-up feature, sync up your walk and run “steps” data to the Stridekick app from the default ‘Health’ app on your phone or a connected device (example, Apple Watch, Fitbit).
4. That’s it! Take your phone or connected device along when you walk or run, and watch your steps grow! Enjoy the virtual or real walk alongside your friends and family.

An Asha administrator will add you to a Team as you get started so you are not walking alone! When you submit your registration, you will have an option to be in this challenge as an individual or as a team.

Would you like to share your Asha Fitness story?
Miles that you have conquered, catching up with friends, or perhaps hiking some beautiful trails with family! Share your experience & inspiration with us on social media with pictures and video clips. The 1-month challenge will run through Oct 7, 2023 to account for Labor day weekend and any delays in getting started. We will have a small celebration in Oct 2023.

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